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Kids World Children Ministry

Kid’s World | Children’s Ministry (Sunday’s)

kidsKid’s world is our children’s ministry designed to teach all children 3-12 years of age the invaluable principles of the word of God. The environment is safe and your kids will connect with other kids and have fun. They will sing, praise God and learn the word of God in a captivating format. The classes are held in the educational wing of our state-of-the-art newly renovated building.

Holy Blast (Special Services held quarterly)

Kid’s World Holy Blast, is where our main service is dedicated and centered on the kids. It is a family fun event that is formatted after specific Bible principles that are brought to life with a drama that draws from familiar character that speak a holy message to all kids. The service is filled with singing and praising God together with the entire family. It is concluded by providing an opportunity for the kids to seek for the Holy Spirit. Kids leave with the experience of a holy blast.

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Infants | Children Dedication (Biannually)

The greatest gift that God has afforded mankind is the gift of family, the hallmark of family shines through our children. This is why we make children a priority where parents can soberly embrace their Godly role by presenting them to the Lord and a special life blessing is imparted over their lives.

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Infant World (Nursery)

The Infant World is a safe environment for children 9 months-2 years old to be affectionately cared for while their parents worship or serve in ministry. Infant World is available at all regularly scheduled services.