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Revival Now Prayer Network

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Praise the Lord Saints! During our fast, we will pray over the following areas:

Prayers for:

-Pastor Otano and family

-Healing for Brother Eler Otano, Sis Solis, Brother

 Johnny, and any others with sickness in body

-Strength for our elders in the church

-CRC ministries to prosper, run efficiently, and

faithful laborers

-Backsliders to return and new converts to be


-Unity and fellowship amongst the body of


-Bible study teachers, evangelism, and


-Revival in our local communities, Chicago, and


-Enlarged borders and territories for CRC

 (unlimited expansion)

-Restoration of peace, joy, hope, and passion for

 the Lord for the saints of God that are in a season

of drought

-Church to be sustained and persevere in this time

of crushing and pressing, so fresh oil and new

wine can be produced in us

-Burden for prayer and soul-winning to be birthed

over the church

-Preservation of God's holiness in the church

-Marriages and unity

-Singles and purity





-Sister churches

And of course, any other areas the Holy Spirit leads you to pray over. Thank you all for being a part of this. We will put this flesh down, and see the power of God work through us.

Fasting is a discipline to put down the flesh, and it allows the Holy Spirit to increase to lead and guide you. It is a humbling of the soul. It brings forth godly sorrow for sin. It gets your focus off other things, and puts it on God. For effective results with your fast, we encourage you to:

-Attend church services and corporate prayer

-Read book of Hebrews 2-3 chapters a day

-Daily prayer

-Attend bible studies

-Fellowship with other believers to edify and to

praise & worship the Lord together

-Abstain from entertainment which includes, but is

not limited to: watching television, movies, social

media, video games and other games, sports, and

any other forms of entertainment or recreation.

This is a time of directing our attention on God.

-Avoid negativity, strife, discord, complaining, and


-Fasting dates are Monday, 7/10 - Friday, 7/14 to

conclude with all night prayer from 7pm - 12am.

Last meal will be on the evening of Sunday, 7/9.

-Communion as Pastor schedules and announces it

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