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Founder & Pastor
Michael I. Otano


Michael & Rosie Otano have been married for nearly 30 years. Their union has produced 5 beautiful children. As a couple, they provide covering for the CRC family & as a family they serve the Lord together.

Michael I. Otano was born into a home that reflected a father that was a no-nonsense entrepreneur and a mother who was impassioned for God and the truth of His word.  It is this unique blend that makes up the idiosyncrasies of Pastor Otano.  From a young age he was driven with the spirit to win in life. Having had the privilege of being raised in a home that was God-centered, it is no surprise that the call of God into the ministry started when he was 13 years old.  By the time he was 19 years old he settled his focus on God.  Therefore, the call of God began to prompt him into preparation for a life of ministry.


His testimony consists of leaving behind a formidable bodybuilding career where he was Mr. Indiana (Teenage & Men) & second runner up in the teenage Mr. America. Subsequently, he placed his focus on the construction & real estate field, where shortly thereafter he became a licensed general contractor & established a reputable construction company. 

Progressing into the ministry Pastor Otano developed a voracious appetite to study God's word. It is because of this discipline that he became a licensed minister in 1996 and was ordained in 2001.  His ministry is focused on building stable families and strong Apostolic believers with the vast principles of the word of God. He is recognized by his people as a visionary leader that inspires many to believe in God’s faithfulness and that all the promises of God are attainable in the life of the believer. He is also appreciated for being insightful in his sermons and spearheading his subjects. His preaching has drawn a crowd that has a settled love for God’s word. Pastor Otano is also a respected conference speaker.


In 1998 he Founded Christian Revival Center where he serves as senior Pastor.  In 2001 he founded Otano Team Ministries, which serves as the agent for a plethora of preaching and teaching series on multiple streaming and social platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Apple & Spotify Podcasts, Instagram, and TikTok are avenues that continue to develop and sustain spiritual maturity in the lives of many believers. In 2012 he started CRC Live (Webcast), and in 2018 Otano Ministries expanded with a new platform to reach the world with the gospel, the "Revival Now" broadcast, which will serve as a perpetual source of spiritual enrichment.

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