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CRC was born in October 1998 with the support of the late Pastor Jose Morales, who became the first partner of CRC. He believed in the vision and calling of his friend, Pastor and founder of CRC, Michael I. Otano.  It all began with a call from God that birthed a desire in the heart of Pastor Otano for revival in the believer’s life.  CRC was to be a church that would draw hungry souls from different walks of life having only one thing in common, the desire for “Revival”.  Today, hundreds of believers are now the recipients of the dream that is now a reality.  Now with a body of believers that has embraced the vision of their pastor, together they share in the burden to facilitate revival for all that continue to come with a hunger for God.


In 2012 we moved into our present  building that was renovated to it's present state-of-the-art campus of 40,000 square feet. We offer a vast array of ministries that support the whole family.   Each service is Spirit-filled and consists of vibrant praise and worship unto God.  CRC is a place where the word of God is delineated in a practical manner, reaching all and affording the answers that liberate and renew the soul.  Wonderful things are happening at CRC and we extend a cordial invitation to you and your family to come and experience revival.  CRC is and will always be a place where the welcoming nature of God’s love will meet all that visit and attend.

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