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Where We Share and Care For Your Kids

CRC Kids World Daycare and Preschool offers an array of services and state-of-the-art facility that provides a peak advantage to all children that are enrolled. Our motivation for excellence is solely based by the merits of the children. At the heart of our trained and certified teachers is a genuine care and compassion for them. We understand that the first five years of a child’s life is a critical time in their lives. Moreover, we firmly consider them to be the crowning gifts that God has invested to mankind that make up the family. Therefore, in honor to our Lord and Savior we are committed to provide a spirit-rich environment of love, patience, and kindness.We further are committed to provide a structure that is conducive for learning and maximum development. We understand that education is the highway of success so our caring services are here to strive for development and to foster education.Finally, we are committed to building lasting and meaningful memories with our kids so we have made it a priority to interject fun in all that we provide, from scheduled recreational play time, to scheduled educational development time. We want our kids to feel safe, learn and have quality experiences that are fun in nature.

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Hours: 6am - 5pm

Phone: (219) 980-3252


Tuition Fees

Infants: $425.00/week

Toddlers: $325.00/week

3-5 Years Old: $230.00/week

Before & After School: $165.00/week



  • NO Registration Fee

  • CCDF Voucher Program Welcome

  • Partnered with Early Head Start

  • Participant of On My Way Pre-K

  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided

  • Online pricing are subject to change, due to updates

Safe and Secure

We know that one of the most intuitive distresses that a parent carries is the safety and security of their child while they are away from them. Kids World Daycare has taken the necessary steps to help relieve parents of this natural stress, by providing a state-of-the-art facility in which the daycare entrance is buzzer operated. Furthermore, our facility is equipped with a security and surveillance system that functions within and outside of our facility. Parents can feel safe that our facility is monitored at all times.

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