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        We are so excited to announce the continuation of CRC Academy! After opening for the first year in 2021, we are proud to announce a full class of Kindergarteners this Fall of 2022.

       The vision of this school was birthed by Pastor Michael Otano years ago: we saw a need for children to not only receive an exceptional private education, but to have the opportunity to learn about Jesus everyday. 
        At CRC Academy, we focus on student-centered learning built on Bible teachings and Indiana State based curriculum. It is important to us that your child is taught to live in the way of Jesus (Proverbs 22:6) and to grow up walking in their calling with one another. 

      We hope you have a great summer, and cannot wait to see you in the Fall. God Bless!

Our Vision

As CRC Academy continues to grow, we appreciate any contribution you feel led by God to give. 

With 2021 being our first opening year, we only plan to expand as the academy continues. For now, we are teaching in the Education wing at Christian Revival Center located at 805 W 57th Ave. Our goal is to have our own building strictly for CRC Academy by 2025. 

When Pastor Otano built the framework for Otano Team Ministries, a Christian academy was always in the base plan. It is now that we are seeing God's vision come to fruition. We believe in a school where students not only grow proficient in academics, but deep in the word of God and in the hope of their calling.


Your prayers and contributions are deeply appreciated on behalf of Otano Team Ministries and the staff at CRC Academy. God bless, and thank you! 

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Thank you for your support! God bless!

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