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My daughter Kaylah Carrera is currently pregnant. Her & the baby are healthy. Praise Jesus!! The thing is her car broke down and it is $3000 to fix. It is an old car not worth it. They only have one not very reliable car for the both of them to get to work & they need a bigger place. They are in a two bedroom apartment with two step kids and a baby on the way. There is going to be a baby shower and they need everything. I pray also you keep me strong for them and the baby. I am healthy but have intense pain and work hard with little energy or time. Thank you.

Catalina Jostes
Michelle Sanders
Jetaun Carr
Michelle Sanders
Michelle Sanders
11 mars 2023

Thank You Daddy God for hearing and answering our prayers. Nothing is impossible for You. We speak Your provision, protection, and healing in Jesus name.



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