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I'm asking all to pray with me against the witchcraft here in Texas at my niece's mother's home. She has altars, incense burning, graven images/wood-carvings on walls and tables, figurines, stones, and crystals set-up in just about every corner of her home. I could not believe what I saw. She has pillows and small tables as altars that she meditates at, and has my niece entangled up in this mess. Please pray for revelation to come to Jalayne and Keisha that they come out of darkness in the marvelous light of God. To worship the One true God, and no longer worship false, dead gods!!!

Also, pray against the human sex-trafficking out here in Texas. So many children have been abducted in the last couple of days. Multiple amber alerts have come through our phones since being here. Pray for the safe return of these children. Thank you!

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