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We visited Sis Rita last night and she initially did not recognize me, after speaking with the nurses we were told she was admitted due to shortness of breath due to COPD and congestive heart failure. She was retaining water, he legs were swollen and she had fluid around her heart and in her lungs. She ended up having seizure and was put on icu neuroscience floor to be better monitored. She became combative at one point trying to fight the nurses and they had to sedate her. The took her for a MRI and she started crying so they sedated her even more. She was completely out of it last night and very weepy at times. She is still getting the pikk line today for dialysis. Will visit her again today. If any one can visit her Im sure she would appreciate it. She has no one here for her. Rita Aguilera Community Hospital.

Doug Strickley
Catalina Jostes
Michelle Sanders
Carmen Frazier
Carmen Frazier
Apr 17, 2023

Prayed for sister Rita and believing God for healing virtue for sis Rita to touch her body. Comfort and peace She be made whole in Jesus name.



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