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I am asking for prayers for my daughter A'Niya. God knows her situation and I'm just asking that she turns towards Righteousness and that she accepts God into her heart and life. I'm praying that this situation be turned around and her eyes be open. I'm also praying for guidance and wisdom for me to be the best help for her at this time.

Doug Strickley
Catalina Jostes
Michelle Sanders
Carmen Frazier
Carmen Frazier
12 de mai. de 2023

In Jesus name

Praying for your daughter heart to be soften unto repentance. I pray the eyes of her understanding be open to see the goodness of God in her life.

Praying for Gods grace to be with you and The Holy Spirit of God to lead and guide with knowledge and wisdom. For you to be the best help your daughter needs.

In Jesus name!

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